Achieve, Believe, Create and Fly High

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Visions and Values


We, at Dodford First School will offer an inspiring, caring and inclusive learning community where each and every day all members of the school community will strive to make a positive difference to the learning journeys of the pupils.  We will encourage pupils to become enthusiastic and inquisitive learners and thoughtful, tolerant individuals.


Achieve, Believe, Create and Fly High


At Dodford First School we aim to
•    Provide a happy, safe and secure environment in which our children will find excitement and stimulation, enabling them to grow as enthusiastic, thoughtful and tolerant individuals
•    Provide challenges, opportunities and resources to enable all children to acquire knowledge and skills, both academic and social and allow each individual to maximise their potential
•    Build confidence and self-esteem, encourage self-discipline, self-evaluation and independence with the aim of providing a life-long love of learning
•    Work in partnership with parents and governors to support the education and development of all our children
•    Work together as members of a community where everyone feels valued
•    Encourage children to celebrate the diversity in our society, environment and the wider world


Our school ethos is embedded through our motto and is lived every day by both the staff and the children at Dodford First School.  Our policies, our curriculum, our school prayer, our school rules and school conduct all underpin our expectations and beliefs and are displayed around the school and shared with the whole school community.